The Hand Blown Glass Co.

Custom hand blown glass places wedding cake tops. Glass Eiffel Tower's, New York's Statue of Liberty, Jerusalem temples, World Trade Center, Twin towers, glass Lighthouse, amusement park Ferris wheel's, roller coaster and pond bridges.

The Top 100 Wedding Sites

Statue of Liberty $200.00

Lighthouse $110.00

Twin Towers $115.00
Lighthouse $200.00
Eiffel Tower $50.00
Roller Coaster $200.00
Roller Coaster $225.00
Roller Coaster $250.00
Eiffel Tower $155.00
Eiffel Tower $175.00
Eiffel Tower $225.00
Eiffel Tower $225.00 clear glass
Ferris wheel $105.00 clear glass
Ferris wheel $200.00
Lighthouse $200.00
Lighthouse $200.00
Twin Towers $85.00 clear glass
Twin Towers $200.00 clear glass
Jerusalem Temple $175.00
Jerusalem Temple $45.00
Lake or pond bridge $200.00
Lake or pond bridge $200.00
custom hand blown glass house custom build your house out of knitted glass starting at $300
Jerusalem Temple $150.00
Custom House starting $300.00
Ferris wheel $200.00

If you would like to custom design your own hand blown glass place, Eiffel Tower, amusement park, roller coaster, Statue of Liberty, lighthouse and Ferris wheel ect just mail or email me your custom design and I'll make it for you but keep in mind that custom designs are a little more costly.

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