The Hand Blown Glass Co.

Custom hand blown glass tubing pipes. Mini pipes, medium sized glass pipes, large glass pipes, scorpion glass pipes, Skull glass pipes, skeleton face pipes, snake pipes, Bird pipes, bumblebee pipes, Devil pipes, Dragon pipes, out of the ordinary pipes and comfortable grip pipes. All my pipes are a heavy glass wall pipes. I cannot ship pipes outside the United States.

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glass pipe with cherries snake pipe with open mouth snake handblown glass cross pipe with three bowls. handblown glass mushroom pipe.
Cherries pipe $70.00
Snake pipe $70.00
Cross 3 bowls $85.00
Mushroom pipe $50.00
glass or to make pipe
Snake pipe $30.00
Very large pipe $45.00
the finger pipe $75.00
naked lady pipe $70.00
glass Art scorpion pipe with scorpion inside the glass pipe
mini-pipe $20.00
medium-size pipe $30.00
double pipe $30.00
scorpion inside pipe $55.00
out of the ordinary glass art pipe medium-size glass art pipe glass Art snake Dragon inside side glass pipe comfortable grip glass art pipe
Out Of Ordinary $75.00
Medium-size $28.00
Snake Dragon $60.00
Comfortable Grip $70.00
glass Art Bird inside a glass pipe glass Art Lula Devil pipe glass Art Little Devil pipe
Bird inside pipe $50.00
Little Devil pipe $40.00
Little Devil pipe $40
Dragon inside pipe $65.00
glass Art skeleton face pipe glass art skull pipe glass Art skeleton pipe
Skeleton Face $60.00
Alligator-crocodile $75.00
Skull pipe $70.00
Skeleton face pipe $40.00
glass Art bumblebee pipe glass Art container glass Art container
Double pipe $30.00
Bee inside $70.00
container jar $22.00
container jar $26.00
  handblown glass surf board pipe    
Surf Board pipe $50.00

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The fire, lights and colors that can be obtained with these glass tubing pipes are spectacular. The blowing of these hand blown glass tubing pipes are a forgotten art. The glass tubing is fumed with sterling silver while the glass tubing is red hot so the finish of the glass pipe is much smoother and the glass is absolutely incredibly beautiful. The mastering of blowing and shaping these handblown Glass to being pipes takes years of glass blowing practice and training. These Glass pipes are one of a kind and probably cannot be duplicated.