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Custom hand blown glass tubing pipes. Dolphin pipes, unicorn pipes, Dragon pipes, Cobra pipes, alligator pipes, spider pipes, scorpion pipes, butterfly pipes, dragonfly pipes fish pipes, shark pipes, seahorse pipes, mouse pipes, lizard pipes, Tiger pipes, monkey pipes, dinosaur pipes, frog pipes, ram pipes, and skeleton pipes all glass tubing. I cannot shift pipes outside of the United States.


Snake Dragon $110.00
Snake Dragon $110.00
Snake Dragon $100.00
Dragon pipe $100.00
Chinese Dragon $100.00
Chinese Dragon $100.00
Flying Dragon $70.00
Dragon pipe $70.00
Dragon pipe $95.00
Dragon pipe $110.00
Dragon head pipe $60.00
Dragon head pipe $50.00
glass Art Dragon pipe blown glass flying Dragon pipe
Flying Dragon $70.00
Dragon pipe $125.00
Snake Dragon $110.00
2 Flying Dragons $135.00
custom hand blown glass Dragon pipe with very large wings.
Dragon pipe $110.00
Dragon pipe $100.00
Dragon pipe $100.00
Dragon pipe $100.00
custom hand blown glass snake Dragon pipe 124 custom hand blown glass pipe with the unique snake Dragon figurine on top. custom hand blown glass Pegasus glass tubing pipe 125 custom hand blown glass vulture pipe
Dragon pipe $120.00
Dragon pipe $100.00
Pegasus pipe $90.00
Vulture pipe $100.00
Hand Blown Glass Bulldog pipe.
Dragon pipe $95.00
Horse pipe $95.00
Dinosaur pipe $75.00
Bulldog pipe $75.00
jet airplane pipe ATV pipe Cessna pipe shark pipe
Plane pipe $80.00
ATV figurine pipe $100.00
Cessna figurine pipe $100.00
Shark pipe $95.00
F-18 pipe 18 wheeler pipe biplane pipe couple in an airplane pipe
F-18 figurine pipe $100.00
Semitruck pipe $110.00
Biplane figurine pipe $110.00
Couple airplane pipe $110.00
Jet Airplane pipe $150.00
Unicorn pipe $110.00
Elephant pipe $75.00
Dachshund pipe $75.00
Monkey pipe $75.00
Motorcycle pipe $125.00
Stingray pipe $75.00
Dragon pipe $110.00


glass Art rhinoceros pipe glass Art elephant pipe custom glass Art shark
Rhinoceros pipe $90.00
Bee pipe $85.00
Elephant pipe $70.00
Shark pipe $95.00
glass Art turtle glass Art Dragon pipe
Dachshund pipe $70.00
Turtle pipe $70.00
Sitting Monkey $70.00
Cobra pipe $70.00
Eagle pipe $70.00
Coyote pipe $70.00
Coyote pipe $70.00
Giraffe pipe $110.00
Monster pipe $85.00
Chihuahua pipe $85.00
Whale pipe $75.00
Skeleton cobra $100.00
lizard pipe $70.00
Alligator pipe $70.00
Dolphin pipe $70.00
Unicorn pipe $80.00
glass Art unicorn pipe

spider pipe $70.00

scorpion pipe $70.00

butterfly pipe $70.00
Horse head pipe $70.00
skull pipe $40.00
Fish pipe $50.00
Mouse pipe $70.00
Glass Piece pipe $35.00
Fish pipe $55.00
dolphin pipe $70.00
Shark pipe $70.00
Fish pipe $55.00
Monkey pipe $70.00
Seahorse pipe $70.00
Dragonfly pipe $70.00
Sunshine Girl pipe $95.00
Seahorse pipe $95.00
Unicorn horse pipe $80.00
Tiger pipe $95.00
Tiger pipe $95.00
Pegasus pipe $80.00
dragonfly pipe $70.00
Bull pipe $70.00
Ram pipe $70.00
Triceratops pipe $70.00
Dinosaur pipe $70.00
Monkey pipe $70.00
Dinosaur pipe $70.00
Rams head pipe $40.00
Scorpion pipe $110.00
Frog Pipe $70.00
Seahorse pipe $75.00
handblown glass three headed dog pipe blown glass iguana pipe blown glass bride pipe blown glass cactus pipe
Three headed dog $125.00
Iguana pipe $80.00
Bride pipe $80.00
Cactus pipe $80.00
custom glass cat glass pipe handblown glass swordfish pipe custom glass cat pipe
Cat pipe $95.00
Swordfish pipe $80.00
Cat pipe $95.00
Octopus pipe $80.00
handblown glass sailboat pipe handblown glass giraffe pipe handblown glass giraffe pipe looking upward
Flying Dragon $100.00
Sailboat pipe $85.00
Giraffe pipe $110.00
Giraffe pipe $110.00
and blown glass pig pipe Elephant type    
Pig pipe $80.00
Elephant pipe $80.00

More Pipes

The fire, lights and colors that can be obtained with these glass tubing pipes are spectacular. The blowing of these hand blown glass tubing pipes are a forgotten art. The glass tubing is fumed with sterling silver while the glass tubing is red hot so the finish of the glass pipe is much smoother and the glass is absolutely incredibly beautiful. The mastering of blowing and shaping these handblown Glass to being pipes takes years of glass blowing practice and training. These Glass pipes are one of a kind and probably cannot be duplicated.