The Hand Blown Glass Co.

Custom hand blown glass frogs, frog couples, insects, scorpions, beetles, honeybees, ladybugs, bug wedding cake tops and wedding favors. If you want to customize your own insect or bug just let me know it's no problem. Click here for dragonfly's

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Country Frogs couple $180.00
Honeybees and flowers $175.00
Frogs couple $185.00

frog $70.00

$18.00 for all three frogs

 scorpion $85.00

  scorpion $35.00 clear glass

frog  $45.00
scorpion  $45.00
small beetle  $15.00
large beetle  $35.00
ladybug $12.00 clear glass


Honeybee  $7.50 clear glass

Honeybee $7.50 clear glass


If you would like to custom design your own frog, honeybee, scorpion, ladybug, beetle or any kind of frog insect or bug just mail or email me your custom design and I'll make it for you but keep in mind that custom designs are a little more costly.

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