The Hand Blown Glass Co.

Custom hand blown glass elephant figurines, elephant wedding cake tops and wedding favors. Great gift for elephant collectors.


Elephants $200.00

Elephant $50.00
Elephants $200.00
two glass elephants making a heart with their trunks wedding cake topper

Elephants $150.00 cake top

Elephants $165.00 cake top
Elephants $150.00 cake top

large realistic hand blown glass elephant

Elephants $70.00

Elephant $35.00

realistic $20.00 elephant

handblown glass realistic elephant

handblown glass and realistic looking elephant


Elephant $85.00





$25.00 clear glass

$35.00 clear glass






You can customize your own hand blown glass elephant figurine, elephant wedding cake top or wedding favor just mail or email me your custom design and I'll make it for you but keep in mind that custom orders are a little more costly.

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