The Hand Blown Glass Co.

Custom hand blown glass Indian theme wedding cake tops and wedding favors. Custom hand blown glass Indian couples, dream catchers and feather wedding favors.



Dream Catcher $125.00



Indian couple with eagle $250.00

Dream Catcher $125.00

Indian couple $250.00

Hanging dream catcher $45.00
Indian girl with a 15 $125.00
Full eagle dress $250.00
Indian girl with a 16 $125.00
Small dream catcher $50.00
Small dream catcher $50.00
Indian with eagle $150.00
$85.00 no gold
Hanging dream catcher $18.00
$18.00 clear glass
waiting cake top Indian couple in full dress dream catcher wedding cake top with solid glass heart and three-tier base.
Dream Catcher $250.00
Indian Couple $250.00
Dream Catcher $250.00
  dream catcher wedding favor all solid glass  
Hanging dream catcher $14.00

If you would like to custom design your own hand blown glass Indian theme (dream catchers) wedding cake tops or Indian theme wedding favors just mail or email me your custom design and I'll make it for you but keep in mind that custom designs are a little more costly.

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