The Hand Blown Glass Co.

Custom hand blown glass couples wedding cake tops. Couple walking and riding a horse, Indian couple, motorcycle couple, ATV couple, mouse couple, dog couple, swimming with the Dolphins and scuba gear couple, football player couple and a skiing couple.


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Skiing couple $200.00
Motorcycle couple $400.00
Embracing couple $300.00
Embracing couple $200.00
fairies $250.00
airplane $250.00 couple
Egyptian $175.00 couple
Windsurfing $250.00 couple
Indian eagle $250.00 couple
New England $120.00 couple
Angels couple $75.00
Angels couple $75.00
Quad and bride-groom $350.00
$300.00 snowmobile couple
Dolphins and Divers $225.00
King Neptune $300.00
football player $200.00
couple embracing $300.00
couple $35.00 very small

Couples page 1 Couples page 2 Couples page 3 Couples page 4

If you would like to custom design your own couple wedding cake top or couple wedding favor just e-mail me your custom-design and I'll make it for you but keep in mind that custom designs are more costly.

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