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Custom hand blown glass couples wedding cake tops, wedding favors, king, gueen, prince, princess, Cinderella, knights, fireman and women, fishermen couple, Tarzan and Jane, scuba divers, snowmobile couple, Indian couple, cowboy and Angel and young sweethearts.


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Bride and Groom $215.00
Airplane Couple $250.00
Couple heart and stars $215.00
Couple touching hands $200.00
glass couple wedding cake top with glass ceremonial altar glass wedding cake top children playing on the playground
Ceremonial Altar $250.00
Bride and Groom $300.00
Bride and Groom $300.00
Bride and Groom $300.00
Bride and Groom $300.00
Fireman $300.00 firefighter
Firemen and bride $250.00
Fireman couple $200.00
Firemen holding bride $215.00

Prince and bride $200.00

Prince and bride $200.00

Knight $215.00

Knight $200.00
Merboy $250.00 Mermaid
Merboy $225.00 Mermaid
Prince $200.00 Cinderella
$250.00 clear glass no gold

$250.00 Jungle Couple

 $250.00 scuba divers


King and Queen  $150.00

Cowboy $250.00
$200.00 couple not included
Snowmobile $300.00 couple
Indians $250.00 clear glass
Bears take top

Bears $250.00


Couples page 1 Couples page 2 Couples page 3 Couples page 4

If you would like to custom design your own fireman couple, prince and Princess, King and Queen, fishermen and woman, Tarzan and Jane, mermaid, scuba diver, Indian couple, fireman or any couple wedding cake top or couple wedding favor just mail or email me your custom design and I'll make it for you but keep in mind that custom designs are a little more costly.

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