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Custom hand blown glass bird wedding cake tops and glass bird wedding favors. Glass eagles, hummin birds, love birds, cardinals, peacocks, flamingos, whooping cranes "blue herons" and Dove. Many more birds to come. There are more birds in swans and hearts.


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Whooping Cranes $250.00
Love Birds $200.00
Whooping Cranes $250.00
Birds and names $250.00
Love Birds $185.00
Birds and names $190.00
Love Birds $250.00
Love Birds $250.00
Hearts, roses, birds $190.00
Dove and flower $125.00
Peacocks and names $250.00
Lovebirds $125.00 and flower
Flamingos $150.00
Flamingos $250.00
Flamingos $150.00
Lovebirds $125.00
Lovebirds $125.00
Lovebirds $125.00
Glass whooping cranes $250.00
Glass flamingo's $150.00
Glass flamingo $40.00
Glass Owls $85.00
Glass Lovebirds $75.00
Glass Hummingbirds $50.00

Glass Cardinals $150.00

Glass Love Birds Branch  $150.00

Glass Dove $150.00

Glass Turkey $65.00

Birds and flowers $110.00

Glass Turkey $65.00
Birds in the birdbath $45.00
Glass Love Birds Heart $50.00
Birds in the birdbath $27.00
handblown glass hummingbird wedding cake top
Glass Geese $155.00
Glass Flamingos $75.00
Glass Hummingbirds $50.00
lovebird wedding cake top lovebird wedding cake top
lovebirds $85.00

Hummingbird with flower $85.00

lovebirds $105.00

Birds page 1 Birds page 2 birds page 3

Lots more birds in my heart's section.

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If you would like to custom design your own hand blown glass birds wedding cake top, bird wedding favor, eagle, himmin bird, flamingo, cardinals, peacocks or love birds just email me your custom design and I'll make it for you but keep in mind that custom designs are a little more costly.

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