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Custom hand blown glass animal figurines, wedding cake tops, wedding favors and collectibles. Hand blown glass donkey, ram, pigs, coyote, wolf, rhinoceroses, buffalo, giraffes, rabbits, bulls, armadillos, snake, camel and a mouse.


Giraffe wedding cake top with two solid glass giraffes Giraffe wedding cake top with two solid glass giraffes, wedding heart, wedding bells, wedding bow on a glass case
Giraffes $195.00
Giraffes and heart $250.00
Donkey figurin all solid and blown glass Ram figurine all solid handblown glass
$70.00 donkey
$65.00 ram
$40.00 pig
$65.00 coyote
$75.00------$30.00 buffalo
$95.00 bull two sizes to choose from.
$35.00 pig with wings clear glass
$15.00 party rabbit

Large giraffe $100.00

Small giraffe $30.00 for 1

$9.00 pig favor
$8.00 snake
$8.00 mouse clear glass
$6.00 - $8.00 pig favors
$65.00 very large pig
$55.00 pig racing clear glass
$30.00 clear glass lying pig
$25.00 clear glass rabbit
$65.00 gorilla
$28.00 for all three clear glass
$65.00 wolf
$45.00 realistic rabbit
Camel $60.00
Texas longhorn $75.00
Armadillo $30.00 clear glass
Armadillo $60.00 large
$65.00 medium rhinoceros clear
$55.00 small rhinoceros clear
Buffalo $18.00 clear glass
$50.00 medium buffalo clear
Hedgehog wedding cake top Giraffe cake topper

Hedgehog cake top $250.00

$275.00 giraffes making the heart
Rhinoceros figurine all solid hand blown glass  

$185.00 very large rhinoceros


If you would like to custom design your own animal figurine, animal wedding cake top or wedding favor just mail or email me your custom design and I'll make it for you but keep in mind that custom designs are a little more costly.

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